visiting tips

  • Before bringing children to visit, you should make one or two visits alone so that you know what to expect and can explain the sights and processes to your child.
  • Be respectful and courteous when interacting with correctional officers and other staff. Treat them as you would want to be treated.
  • If you encounter a problem, ask to speak to the officer in charge for that day. That person will usually be the warden, assistant warden, or a staff member of rank. Explain your problem calmly. If you do not get any satisfaction, follow up with a letter to the warden or regional administrator. Always be respectful and to the point. You will get better results.
  • Always supervise your children. Also, be aware of your own behavior and always follow visiting rules to avoid the risk of losing your visiting privilege.
  • Make sure you and children are rested and have a good breakfast before starting out for the visiting day. Everyone will be in a better mood and will have a more enjoyable visit. Most visiting rooms do have vending machines for snacks and soft drinks.
  • Polaroid pictures are usually available and can be purchased by the visitor or by the inmate through their account. It’s best to confirm arrangements for pictures ahead of time.
  • Every visitor, including children, is searched before being admitted to the visiting room. The search usually includes a pat down search where an officer of the same gender uses their hands to pat down the body. Parents must be present when children are searched. The visitor also may be required to pass through a metal detection device and to remove their shoes and socks for inspection.