Video Visitation Program


Who can have a video visit?

An inmate has to be eligible according to the following standards, as set by VADOC …

Security Level 1, 2, 3 – no restrictions
Security Level 4 and 5 – 6 months infraction free
Red Onion – Progressive Housing –  6 months infraction free
Red Onion – Segregation – 12 months infraction free

$15 – 30 minute visit
$30 – 60 minute visit

The fees collected go directly to support the cost of operating the program at AFOI and our partner sites across Virginia – the Virginia Department of Corrections receives none of the fees collected.

Video Visitation Fees

How can family and friends get registered to participate in the program?

  • Contact Assisting Families of Inmates to obtain a visitation application form.
  • Fill out your portion completely (with required signatures) and send the application to the inmate for his/her signature. There is a limit of five (5) approved visitors allowed in a visitation session.
  • Obtain visitor approvals for each visitor with the Virginia Department of Corrections.
  • Once the visitation application is complete, send it to AFOI by mail or fax.
  • AFOI requires a minimum of two weeks to process new paperwork.  Once the paperwork is approved by VADOC, applicants will be contacted to complete a brief intake over the phone and are issued a Visitor Identification number.
  • Video Visitation reservations are subject to availability between prisons and visitor centers. Reservation requests can be made over the phone.
  • A Video Visitation payment via PayPal or money order is required in order to secure a reservation slot.
  • Requests and payments must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday prior to the weekend you want to visit.
  • All video visits are monitored and recorded – audio and video.


How can an inmate get registered to participate in the program?

  • Inquire with the correctional center’s point of contact to see if the inmate meets institutional requirements for video visitation.
  • If the requirements are met, the point of contact will provide the inmate with a video visitation application form. The offender should fill out their portion completely (with required signatures) and send to his/her potential visitor(s). There is a limit of five (5) approved visitors allowed in a video visitation session.
  • The potential visitor(s) should contact Assisting Families of Inmates and then follow the steps outlined above.
  • Inmates will be contacted by the facility staff with their scheduled video visitation appointment(s).
  • All video visits are monitored and recorded – audio and video.

VADOC Facilities

  • Augusta Correctional Center
  • Bland Correctional Center
  • Buckingham Correctional Center
  • Coffeewood Correctional Center
  • Deep Meadow (coming March, 2017)
  • Deerfield Correctional Center
  • Dillwyn Correctional Center
  • Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women
  • Green Rock Correctional Center
  • Greensville Correctional Center
  • Haynesville Correctional Center (coming March, 2017)
  • Haynesville Correctional Unit #17 (coming March, 2017)
  • James River Work Center (coming March, 2017)
  • Keen Mountain Correctional Center
  • Nottoway Correctional Center (coming March, 2017)
  • Nottoway Work Center (coming March, 2017)
  • Pocahontas State Correctional Center
  • Powhatan Correctional Center (coming March, 2017)
  • Red Onion State Prison
  • River North Correctional Center
  • Sussex I State Prison (coming March, 2017)
  • Sussex II State Prison
  • Virginia Correctional Center for Women
  • Wallens Ridge State Prison

Visitor Center Locations

  • Assisting Families of Inmates*
    1 North Fifth Street
    Suite 416
    Richmond, Virginia 23219
    (804) 643-2401
  • First Presbyterian Church
    820 Colonial Avenue
    Norfolk, Virginia 23507
  • Old Presbyterian Meeting House
    323 South Fairfax Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314
  • Saint Paul’s Baptist Church – Elm Campus
    29 Elm Street
    Petersburg, Virginia 23803
  • Second Presbyterian Church
    214 Mountain Avenue, SW
    Roanoke, Virginia 24016


Download Video Visitation Flyer

Download Video Visitation Application

Saturdays & Sundays
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM [hours vary by location]
$15.00 for 30 minute visit
$30.00 for 60 minute visit

Department of Corrections Visitor Forms


DOC Visitation Application

Legal Representative Visit Form

Notarized Statement for Minor Visiting with an Adult Other Than Parent or Guardian