Board of Directors

Peggy Green
Execeptional Education, Richmond Public Schools (retired)

Jim Smyth
Vice President
EZ3D Technologies

Janet Hammer
Anthem (retired)

Jane Nelson
Chaplain, Westminster Canterbury (retired)

Donna Anderson
Board Member
Faculty, Virginia Union University

Shirley Braxton-House
Board Member
Registered Nurse, MCV Oncology Department (retired)

Ann Cavan
Board Member
Regional Principal, Virginia Department of Corrections (retired)

Thomas Edmonds
Board Member
Executive Director, Virginia State Bar (retired)

Layton Lester
Board Member
Hotline Investigator Senior, Virginia Department of Corrections

Robin Pope Moss
Board Member
Group Vice President/Process Procedures Manager, SunTrust Mortgage

Carol-Lee Raimo
Board Member
Corrections Services Section, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (retired)

Doug Ramseur
Board Member
Virginia Indigent Defense Commission

Kathleen Sestak
Board Member
Girl Scouts of Virginia

Jackie Smith Mason
Board Member
Assistant Dean of the Honors College, Virginia Commonwealth University

Emilie Webb
Board Member
Pyschiatric Nurse, McGuire VA Medical Center (retired)

Emma Washington
Board Member
Virginia Premier Health Plan

Our Values and Guiding Principles

  • We believe inmates and their families are underserved, and are worthy of assistance, respect and compassion.
  • By maintaining positive family relationships during incarceration, we reduce recidivism and strengthen the community.
  • We offer our clients a sense of hospitality during challenging times.
  • Our volunteers are valued and acknowledged as essential to the delivery of our services.
  • To advance our mission, we build effective relationships with community partners in both the private and public sectors, at the local, state and national levels.
  • We are good stewards of our resources, committed to financial transparency and responsible management practices.